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i'm going apple picking tomorrow!! wheeeeee!!

what is the best way to store a lot of apples?? i usually keep them in a plastic bag, in the fridge.. but.. with a bunch, whats the best way? lay them out somehow? paper towels? bag? no bag?? plastic wrap?

And what are your favourite apple recipes??? i usually do a ton of baking after i go picking.

i love the type of apple pie that has a streusel top, instead of a top crust. but whenever i try to make the streusel, it either crumbles up like dust after baking, or is tooo solid like a rock. Anyone have a GOOD streusel recipe for this type of thing??

thank you!

EDIT to add: Does anyone have any good vegan apple dumpling recipes? I saw this advertised all over at the orchards. a whole apple baked in its own crust. looked, and smelled, so good.

i think i may try caramel apples, too. if i get up the courage (have had failed apple caramel experiments in the past.)
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