Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

Thanksgiving trials and tribulations

This may be better off in veganpeople, but since I'm already much too worried about this and I'm waiting on my acceptance into the community, I'm posting here! (Of course I'll gladly report to veganpeople when I'm allowed to)

My dad has no idea I'm vegan and I've been doing it since June 1st. Almost five months. It was a little difficult sneaking and involved a lot of pretending I was sick so I could get out of dinner and cooking meals for the family. He moved to DC for a job in August and it seemed like things would be easier, and they are.
He's staying with old family friends up there, and they've invited us for Thanksgiving. Of course we couldn't say no, but now I'm worried. It's not like I can make something at home (where I have all the vegan ingredients I need, all the space, all the time) and bring it over in a casserole dish. This means cooking at their friend's house. Even though they're old friends, I don't know them well at all, and I don't know if I'd feel comfortable asking to use their kitchen, or asking them to make me something vegan other than the salad or cranberry sauce. How do you invade someone's kitchen during the holidays?
I also don't know how to explain to my dad why I'm not eating the mashed potatoes or the rolls or why I need to cook the pie when they've got a perfectly good recipe. I know I know I know I should just tell my dad I'm a vegan, but "it's just not that easy."

Just so that this is cooking somehow, are there any dessert recipes (hopefully pumpkin) that don't call for vegan margarine? The raw sugar I can put in a suitcase, the silken tofu can be explained, but vegan margarine?
Should I call the family in DC a week or two in advance to see what they're cooking and make a few suggestions or tweaks to the menu?
What are your experiences with flying for the holidays and having to cook?
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