i (hydr0cl0r1de) wrote in vegancooking,

Hedgehog recipes?

I wanna make vegan hedgehog. i keep seeing it for sale in cafes and bakeries, and now i realllly want some. i think its basically like a brownie, but its got white biscuit chunks all throughout it, but i can't say i've ever eaten it. Anyone got a good recipe recipe?

I imagine the hardest part of veganising a recipe would be finding vegan biscuits (that aren't made by arnotts or nestle or something gross like that, not that i recken they sell vegan bsicuits). Anyone know (aussie) vegan biscuit brands? (the only vegan sweet bisctuis in supermarkets i've seen are these really expensive wheat/gluten/dairy free coconut ones in the health section)

Or do you make your own to biscuits to use in the recipe? Whats you biscuit recipe?

If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it. =)
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