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Tofu Question

So I've always hated tofu. I try it every time I come across it but I just can't do it. It's the texture. I've always been funny about the texture of my foods. However, a few weeks ago I was making a vegan lasagna for my campus's Veggie Club and we used soft tofu...and the texture wasn't bad. I think I might actually like it.

This brings me to my question; I don't really know much about tofu, but recipes always call for firm or extra firm tofu. I want to make the "Vegan Deep Fried Fatty McTofu Brain Wash" I found in the recipe index. Is it possible to use the soft tofu for this or will it just fall apart on me? Perhaps I may join the ranks of the tofu loving veg*ns after all....

EDIT! I meant water packed soft tofu....not silken tofu.
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