angel monster (malloreigh) wrote in vegancooking,
angel monster

Perogies, Dill Cream Sauce and Cheese Buns

VEGANS! I need your best tips and/or recipes for the following:

- Perogies
- Dill cream sauce/cream sauces in general
- "Cheese" buns

I'm simulating a meal for my best friend for his birthday. Before he was vegan he used to get these homemade perogies, huge, with dill cream sauce and a cheese bun. I want to make something fantastic and similar and homecooked and wonderful as a treat! It's the only thing he misses and still craves sometimes. I'm looking for big, heavy, tasty perogies and a nice thick cream sauce that doesn't taste too heavily of soy, because the original obviously didn't have soy...

So! Best tips! I'll be pooling them all together and testing them to come up with the finished recipe.
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