Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

Cous cous with apple stirfry/sautee

I wanted maccaroni and "cheese" for dinner, my mom wanted something less weird, and there wasn't much food in the house to work with. Thus I bring you

1 green apple
handful of raisins
handful of cashews
2 T of EVOO
1 t cinnamon+1/2 t cinnamon
1 T raw sugar+1 t sugar
1 t water+2 T water
1/2 C cous cous (made with 1/2 water)
*all measurements are approximate

1. Core apple and cut into chunks, don't bother peeling.
2. In a small bowl, mix the EVOO, and the first measurements of the cinnamon, raw sugar, and water.
3. Heat up pan and add liquid mix.
4. When pan is hot, add the apple chunks and sautee it until the chunks are coated. Then add the raisins and cashews.
(Start boiling your water for the cous cous at this point)
5. Mix the remaining cinnamon, sugar, and water and add to the pan. Cook it on medium-hi heat until the liquid gets bubbly and reduces, then cook on low until the cous cous is done.
6. Mix apples and cous cous together and voila!

Second thoughts:
Next time instead of cashews I'd probably use pine nuts, slightly toasted, and then added in a minute or two after the raisins.

This makes a good breakfast or dinner. We had green beans on the side ("Wait, shouldn't dinner have vegetables?")
I'd imagine that you could use the apple thing for pancake or waffle toppings or cook this with rice instead of cous cous.
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