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vegan din din w/ the lathams; pitchers inside

holy crap!
matt and i made dinner for his family.

i'm so proud i took

it was supposta be mango black bean salsa, but there were no ripe mangoes at the store so i subbed pineapple. it was delicious. apparently better than john's, and john makes good salsa. also matt hade to get his pipe in the picture... *shrug*

...aaand a close up. i used LOTS of cilantro. i want to marry cilantro, and have its baby and name it cilantro.

spicy roasted potatoes and onions. i don't know how he did it but they were great...

pepper steak. he didn't use nutritional yeast though because he didn't know what it was, and that we had a pound of it sitting behind the cream of wheat... i think he thought marmite was nut. yeast and used that instead. it was good anyway.

we are winos. martha clara is a vineyard we like in long island, and i believe the other red is grown from some new grape developed at rutgers, or something like that.

happy vegan chocolate chip cookies. i always add a little flaxseed to mine.

the majestic moose.

matt was very proud of this moose. it's a recipe he's been using for years... you heat 3/4 c soymilk til it's almost boiling, then pour it in the blender *OVER* about a quarter bag chocolate chips, quarter bag carob chips, half cup egg replacer, 2 tbspn vegan margerine, quarter cup strong coffee, n the juice from 1/2 an orange; blend 2 minutes on high, and freeze to desired consistency.
he said he woudl have used orange liqour instead of juice but we didn't have any. he doubled the recipe...
this stuff tasted AMAZING. sooooooo chhoocooollateeeeieee.

and here are my kitties! cute, huh? the black one is samhain and the orange one is tom bonneville (like tome bombadil to the ears of a drunken roommate)

( we got all the recipes off the recipe section of this community except for the taters, which matt kind of winged, and the majestic moose, which he creates like firey magick from his fingertips.)

according to mr latham "we would have paid good money for this meal." hehe.
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