your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in vegancooking,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

make my dinner (rutabaga, napa cabbage, chard, tofu, limes, apples, bananas, pumpkin)

i have a bag of rutabagas that i should use up this week before i go on a 2 week vacation* (as well as that chard and napa cabbage from last week), and probably some tofu as well. and 2 limes. and a couple apples. and 2 ripe bananas. (and i'll be opening a can of pumpkin on thursday, so i'll have some of that as well)

the thing is... i've never eaten a rutabaga ever before. what do they taste like? how should i prepare it? what spices go well with it? i don't want them to go bad. maybe some sort of soup with the pumpkin puree?

anyone have any ideas? i'll probably throw the bananas in the freezer if i can't use them up in time.

*from you guys :-p
Tags: fruits-apples, fruits-bananas, fruits-limes, greens-chard, greens-napa cabbage, make my dinner!!! the cooking game show, vegetables-rutabaga
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