Cake Boy (gasolinebreath) wrote in vegancooking,
Cake Boy

Party Food-Cake Tips?

I'm having a little birthday party in two days and i am kinda poor and uncreative.
Does anyone have any recipes (or could direct me to) for anyhting kinda party-ish that's cheap and has easily accesible ingredients probably that you oculd find in a supermarket.
Sorry. But this computer is too slow to search through the memories plus the memories aren't working at the moment and i'm busy the next two days. So any help with that would be marvelous!

Question 2.
Everytime i make cakes they're always elevated in the middle and it's heaps annoying because i want to make layered cake for my birthday. You know how like commerical cakes are always all consistent like that?
Well are there any tricks to try or any specific methods to follow or ingredients to add in order to make the cake rise evnly Or will i just have to deal with stupid elevated in the middle and flat on either side cakes??

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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