cranky. (plaidisyourpal) wrote in vegancooking,

Halloween deliciousness!

Made this graveyard cake with little sugar cookies with homemade icing,
chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate wegmans brand chocolate filled
"oreos". It's going to work tomorrow! cake
there was no time or heating instructions, but I just did 350 for
about 40 minutes. It was a really runny batter and I was worried it wouldn't
cook right, but it cake our really nice. I also ran out of cocoa powder after 4
tbs so I used about 1/4 cup of chocolate chips to try to make up for it.cookie recipe.
icing was just warm water and confectioners sugar, a little vanilla and a little
earth balance.

cupcakes from the left over batter and cookies.

little grave stones and ghosts.

pre-decorated pumpkin cupcakes (soooooooooo goooooood). just a veganized
version of this bad boy.

post decorated pumpkin cupcakes. cream cheese icing and little fall decoration
(frosting was just 3 cups confectioners sugar, 3 tbs soy milk, 1 tbs earth
balance and one package of toffutti cream cheese. I was hoping I could pipe it
really nicely, but it was veryyyy runny, even thought the cupcakes were cooled
for like two hours)

I got this bad boy at the thrift store yester for six bucks.

donuts! I used the recipe that was inside with the package. they tasted pretty
much like cupcakes, that were shaped like donuts.
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