cranky. (plaidisyourpal) wrote in vegancooking,

cream cheese?

When I went shopping the other day to get some cream cheese, to make icing for my pumpkin cupcakes, I accidently grabbed Herb and Chive flavor. Thankfully, I noticed the strange green speckles, before I dumped it into my confectioners sugar, but gross! I have never had cream cheese, dairy or not, in any form, other than a frosting, and I certainly am not the type of gal to slather it all over a bagel. So I'm hoping someone has an idea of something I can do with it?! I considered mixing it with butter and garlic and making a garlic spread for baked bread, but my boy said "that is absolutely disgusting", so I ixnayed that. Any ideas?! Thanks!
Tags: substitutes-dairy-cream cheese
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