. (ryansmithxvx) wrote in vegancooking,

fast pizza crust?

all day today i was craving pizza and decided i would come home, find a pizza crust recipe and make some pizza

however, everything i found in the memories takes about an hour just for the crust, then you have to actually put junk on it and bake it. that's far too long.

does anyone have a pizza crust recipe that doesn't take a long time to be ready? i'm talking 30 min at the absolute max, but less equals better.

i have no allergies so i don't care if it's got yeast or not or anything else...so long as it's vegan i don't care what's in it

(and by the way i gave up on trying to find a faster recipe and just ate cereal...lame)
Tags: ethnic food-italian-pizza
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