Melanie (melaniemonkey) wrote in vegancooking,

pumpkin squash ravioli with chard and hazelnuts

about a 1/4 cup hazelnuts I chopped up with a knife (but you can pulse in a blender or food processor). Toss in a HUGE plastic bowl.

I steamed some rainbow chard and package of earthy bella mushrooms in a frying pan. Just cut up chard and sliced mushrooms and added 1/4 cup water. Once it started boiling I let simmer for 10 minutes then dumped into bowl (with nuts)

While this is going on, I boiled water in a pot and once boiling dropped in 2 packages (4 servings) of frozen garlic roasted butternut squash ravioli. Let this boil for 8 minutes, drained, then dumped into plastic bowl (with chard and mushrooms and nuts).

In a blender I dumped in a 15-ounce can of organic pumpkin + 1/2 cup HOT (I microwaved for a minute in a Pyrex measuring cup) Silk hazelnut creamer. Also put in 1/2 cup HOT water (just turned faucet on high). Once all this blended I dumped into bowl with everything else. I added a teaspoon of sage, 1/2 teas. each of pepper and salt, and mixed with a big spoon. Makes 4 servings. OH and don't forget the generous shakes of vegan parmesan!
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