peacelovehappy (peacelovehappy) wrote in vegancooking,

pumkin pie and crust qustions

ok, so after halloween we have a HUGE pot of cooked down pumkin innards, i want to make some pies, i am perfectly open to trying different recipies for each to see how they turn out etc. i've looked through the recipies and they all seem to say pie-crust as one single ingrediant, so my question is: do i make pie-crust from scratch? you know any brands of store bought crust that don't have ucky stuff like lard in them?

also, if nyou have a pumkin pie recipie you recomend w/ fresh cooked pumkin, and preferably w/o soymilk (i can't drink it, it give me stomach aches) but tofu is fine. thanks!
Tags: desserts-pie crust
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