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Bruschetta and Tacos

These are two of my favorite things to eat ever. They're fairly healthy, easy to prepare, and quick eats.

Grape tomatoes (if not available regular tomatoes will suffice)
white or yellow onion
green pepper
itallian bread or itallian hamburger buns
olive oil
garlic powder
Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 500 F. Spread a thin layer of margarine on one side of each piece of bread or hamburger bun. Sprinkle a pinch or two of garlic powder onto each piece. If you are using grape tomatoes, cut them into slices (aproximately 4-5 slices per tomato); if you are using regular tomatoes dice them into aproximately 1cm cubed pieces. Spread the tomatoes evenly onto each piece. Dice enough onion (into very small pieces) to sprinkle sparingly onto each piece of bruschetta, and do the same with the green pepper. Drizzle a small ammount of olive oil onto each piece, then sprinkle a little basil and a fair ammount of oregano on top. Pop them into the oven until toasted, be careful not to burn yourself, and eat! There's very little clean up involved with this one, another plus.

For this recipie, I like to make the "meat" replacement part of it early and just keep it on hand in my fridge at all times. It takes a long while to make a batch of it, but it's quite simple, and makes for quick meals later.
1 cup dry black beans
~4 cups water
After soaking the beans over night, rinsing, and changing the water, bring the pot to a boil. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for aproximately an hour, though sometimes it takes up to two or three to get soft enough. Just keep tasting them until they feel right to you. Remove the beans from heat and dran them. Add a 5.5 oz can of tomato paste and a packet of taco seasoning (I use old el paso, but whatever brand you want). Stir together and add enough water to make the mixture smooth and slightly runny. Return to heat and stir occasionally for 3-5 minutes to migle flavours. This can be forzen well, or just rerigerated, but be warned that it stains tupperware orange.
To prepare:
Re-heat beans (I use a microwave), and spoon some into a tortilla shell. Microwave the two together for 30s-1min (more pliable shell, warmer taco), garnish with toppings of choice (I use iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, and green onion).

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