j.le (lenagogan) wrote in vegancooking,

Baking for a cafe and yeast for quick bread lifestyles?

So! Uber exciting! I was semi-unofficially asked to bake vegan goodies out of my house for the little boho cafe up the street! I am peeing myself as we speak. I am trying to get together a repertoire of things to make to present them--right now I'm thinking a chocolate cake, brownies, these crazy oatmeal/raisin/carrot cookies, but what else should I make? I support a decadent vegan lifestyle, and I don't want to make things that are gross and mealy or made with stuff that's soooo expensive that when a vegan goes to this coffeehouse, they aren't like, 'Oh. The only thing I can eat is a six dollar itty bitty piece of chocolate cake' while their friends are chowing down on cheap huge mofo non-vegan brownies or something. So. Suggestions?

And two! Most cakes/other baked goods are essentially a variation on the theme of quick breads. What about yeast-leavened cakes, brownies, cookies, etc.? Anyone have any experience with these types of things?
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