-=- une vérité ardente -=- (with_redribbons) wrote in vegancooking,
-=- une vérité ardente -=-

Wanted: German Potato Soup Recipe Help.

When my grandmother was still alive she made the most amazing potato soup. I wish to veganize it however, she was not a women who used recipes. I have asked my mother for help but she never learned the secret, so I come to you all for help.

I have found a SIMILAR recipe online here: recipe

However, my grandmother always used bologna, which is an easy item to substitute and she also made these interesting noodle-ish type dumpling things. I believe she used traditional noodle ingredients, flour, eggs, water and such but she then put it all into a flour sifter and sifted them into the pot.

I am afraid I will make a disaster of a soup without some reassurance and help. Do you think I could make those noodles vegan and still have the same effect?

I am definitely open to suggestions and ideas for herbs and spices and any other help you wonderful vegan cooks can provide.

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