x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

s'nog ice cream

Does anyone have a nice, plain ol' vanilla ice cream recipe, for an ice cream maker? I'm looking for soemthing without tofu--basically, anything that's mostly just sweetener and soymilk (which will be swapped with s'nog) and one or two other ingredients that aren't very pronounced in flavor? I want to make eggnog ice cream, but to me, the Silk nog flavor isn't strong enough to compete with silken tofu or banana, so I'm a little afraid of trying to work with one of the recipes in the memories.

And a little discovery of flavor coordination: s'nog and hazelnut taste quite yummy together. I'm not a big fan of booze in my nog, but after putting a bit of Frangelico in on a whim, my friend Peter and I were pleasantly surprised.
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