robot. (genocideboy) wrote in vegancooking,

eat to live oatmeal.

in an attempt to make something comforting, tasty, and high calorie (trying to gain weight), i threw this.. thing together.

-1/2 cup unsweetened oatmeal (i got some from a bulk foods place; rolled oats, barely, other grainy stuff, coconut, cashews, almonds).
-banana (i used about 3/4ths, but it was kind of overly banana-y; 1/2 would probably be better).
-dates, chopped up (i used three honey dates).
-as much nut butter as you like (i used three small spoonfuls of hazelnut butter, initially. it wasn't enough).

put this stuff in a bowl and add about a cup of boiling water.
keep microwaving/stiring until it absorbes most of the water, and the bananas get mushy.

add 1/2 cup (or more, if you want it more liquidy) of vanilla soy milk, and lots of cinnamon.
i also added two more spoonfuls of hazelnut butter at this point.

microwave/stir until you get the consistancy you want.

strange, but delicious and has about everything you need in it. :)
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