mark of the judas (misfit) wrote in vegancooking,
mark of the judas

Your Thanksgiving menu(s)

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, and I am interested to see what foods people will be preparing for it. Are you preparing an entire vegan meal? Are you bringing vegan food to a gathering?

My boyfriend and I are cooking a meal for the two of us, after getting a nasty case of intestinal distress from Indian take-out on Thanksgiving last year. He is making his own turkey and all the other dishes will be vegan:

-Mashed sweet potatoes with pecan topping
-Roasted garlic green beans (less time-consuming than a casserole)
-Gravy (not from scratch- there's a readily-available kosher brand I like that is vegan)
-Stuffing (again, not from scratch)
-Cranberry sauce (I want homemade, my boyfriend wants the canned kind- maybe we'll have both!)
-Pumpkin pie (I've been watching my weight, so I haven't made a pie in ages! Welcome back, dear pie)

For my main dish, I'll be trying Bryanna's soy and seitan loaf.

What will you be making for Thanskgiving?
Tags: holiday food-thanksgiving
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