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Recipe Search: Butternut Apple Soup and Sweet Potato Pie

I searched the memories and Googled around, and while I found some of the former, I figure that as long as I also want the latter, it's worth asking y'all about recipe that you've already tried and love.

I have the squash and the apples, and I know I can improvise a soup (I've done it before without a recipe), but does anyone have particular favorites? I know some recipes call for heavy cream and I don't normally add any (soy) cream to mine. Should I?

As for sweet potato pie, there seems to be a split of whether this should be a dessert item or a savory item. The one good-looking vegan version I found is definitely savory, and I was really thinking dessert, since sweet potatoes are already on the dinner menu. I'm already making apple and pumpkin pies, so I figure as long as I'm making two batches of crust and will therefore have one bottom to spare, I might as well use the can of sweet potato pureé to make another pie.

Yes, I'm using canned for that as well as the pumpkin -- there is only so much time to prep. (Also on the menu besides the dessert pies: veggie pot pie (based on the recipe in the Country Life cookbook), mashed potatos, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffing, and green salad. I got some Soy Dream for the pie and may or may not get to the store that sells the vegan canned whipped cream. (Guests will be bringing additional items, as well as some non-vegan items that I don't care about, but no turkey.) I bought some shu-mai for a casual pre-seating appetizer and will also have a big bowl of nuts-in-the-shell along with a couple of nutcrackers. I haven't yet settled on the cocktail, but am leaning toward a warm cider rum punch (in festively decorated glasses, natch. :) One of my guests brews mead and will hopefully be bringing some of that to go with dessert.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
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