AmyJenkins (whitetigrezz) wrote in vegancooking,

Salt Toasted Tofu??

There is this amazing dish called Salt Toasted Tofu in a very popular Vietnamese restaurant called Mai's in Houston.

I moved away from Houston, and miss that dish from time to time.

I have searched for this recipe with no luck.

It was tofu that was either deep fried or something like it.. It was crisp on the outside and still chewy on the inside. It was in some sort of white light sauce I think. I must find a way to make it! Its driving me nuts!

Anyone who thinks they know a recipe kind of like that.. I will love you forever if you could post a recipe or your thoughts on how to make it.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific about the details. They also call it Dau Hu Rang Muoi.
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