mark of the judas (misfit) wrote in vegancooking,
mark of the judas

Mod post: issues with moderated posts, memories

Hello all-

Some Livejournal technical issues have been affecting this community, so we wanted to let everyone know about them. First, if you receive email notification of comments on posts/comments, you may have noticed that you have not been receiving these. Similarly, the mods have not been receiving email notifications of all of the moderated submitted posts. So if you don't see your post approved or rejected right away, it may be that we haven't received notification of it via email. But we're trying extra-hard to check on moderated submitted posts through the website since we can't rely on email notifications right now.

The other issue is with the memories; you may have seen a lot of "the memories section is temporarily unavailable" notices. Try hitting "refresh" on your browser when you see this notice, and see if the memories appear.

Thanks everyone!
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