bothering (bothering) wrote in vegancooking,

vegetable cooking times and feeding omnivores (again!)

I want to make a pot pie. I'm much more used to baking than cooking and have no idea in which order I should add the vegetables when I'm sauteeing them.

for future reference, when should different vegetables be added when combined in a recipe? I don't have specific veggies in mind- you can throw a few together or make a longer list. anything will help!

also- as I've begun to cook more, I find that the things I make are very healthy. I don't mind this at all and everything has come out well for the most part, but I'm also feeding an omnivore who's missing out on his favorite foods this way. I'd like to make something heartier that we can both eat, but am still a little stumped because I like eating healthy foods (I'm versatile, but don't want to bend much in the way of added fats, sugars, et cetera. this doesn't pose a threat to comfort foods, though- my mother has proven that lately!). I'm alright in the kitchen but do lack a ton of experience. I realize I've got a lot of options, but I'd like some tried-and-true belly-fillers that would help me get into the swing of things and learn while not seeming bland or diet-y to him. he doesn't like beans and I'd like a dish or two that incorporate(s) them without having a texture that he describes as "grainy."

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