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North Market and Benevolence Cafe in Columbus, OH

I'm staying with my grandmother in Columbus, Ohio for Thanksgiving holidays. Today my family and I went to the North Market to eat at a veg restaurant called Benevolence.

My cousin got PB&J (same cousin who, when taken to a vegetarian restaraunt, the Grit, in Athens, Georgia, wouldn't eat the nachos she ordered because it was white cheese and not orange) and it was served on the best bread ever, with oats on the crust. My uncle had a side of another best bread ever, his with sunflower seeds (I think) on the crust. They cut the bread thickly and it didn't need butter or anything. So I bought a loaf of each.
I had an East Indian stew (which was potatoes, peas, lentils, and other assorted veggies in some sort of curry stew) and a salad with a great dressing (it was creamy and had "bacon bits"). They sell the dressing's dry ingredients at the counter, and you just add tofu and soymilk to it in a blender. I bought a bag of that, too.
THEN they have all these baked goods at the counter, cookies and bars and granola and pies and muffins. I bought an oatie, some kind of peanut butter oatmeal bar with chocolate on top.

Afterwards we went to the North Market and at one bakery section I had my first good vegan brownie. I've tried four different recipes and hated them, and tried a brownie from a restaurant and thought it was just so-so. This was the best brownie I've ever had, vegan or no. Fudgey and chocolatey and perfect. It was spectacular. I also bought this Morning Glory muffin with carrots and nuts and seeds in it. It was pretty good but also stuck to the paper so part of the muffin was wasted.
But the Bubble Tea stand was pretty disappointing. I've heard a lot of great things about it and I was really excited when I saw that they sold it there, because I had no idea. The guy working recommended the almond milk tea with the tapioca pearls, so that's what I got. The tea itself was pretty good, a little too sweet for me, but the pearls really weirded me out. I didn't know if I was supposed to chew them or swallow them whole or avoid them, so I did a bit of everything. In the end I just gave up and spit the pearls out as I got them. They aren't flavored or anything and they're funny to chew. They made my straw look pretty as they were going up, though, and at least now I can say I tried it.

SO if you're ever in Columbus... North Market and Benevolence Cafe are the way to go!
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