You can call me Edith (weizenwind) wrote in vegancooking,
You can call me Edith

Hey Germans--help with "Pizza-Fix"?

When I lived in Germany there was this great stuff called Pizza-Fix. As I recall, it was a mixture of yeast and baking powder (and probably salt and some other stuff) that you added to flour and water, and it made really great, crispy pizza crusts. They don't have it in the States, but I think it would be easy to make my own if I knew the ingredients and the nutritional break-down.

Through Google I see that Dr. Oetker makes a Pizzateig mix, but from what I can see there's no yeast in it, and I'm sure I remember that yeast is involved. Anyone happen to have a Päckchen handy or at least know what brand or brands make this stuff so I can direct my search a little better? No need to translate anything.

Tausend Dank--

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