yo no necessesito viagra (nonnarcissistic) wrote in vegancooking,
yo no necessesito viagra

cheese substitute question

I checked out the archives but couldn't find an exact answer to my cheese delima.
Road's End Organics makes a great nacho cheese replacement but I was wondering what you all use for regular cheese. A lot of you seem to favor nutritional yeast-based sauces, but it's rather unaffordable for me and my family right now. So, what are some of your other favorite recipes? Or alternately, does anyone have a link to a website that sells cheaper nutritional yeast? It's basically a dollar and ounce at my local health food store.
We do have a recipe from the Now and Zen cookbook but it calls for miso paste and mirin, which seem to be as hard to obtain and expensive as the nutritional yeast.
Thank you!
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