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Hearty Hippy Heap (quinoa, yams and kale)

My dinner tonight would have made my father cry. It was yummy as heck, and probably one of the healthiest meals I've had in a while.

In a pot, I boiled just over 2 cups of water, and stirred in a cup of quinoa. I put a lid on it and quickly sliced a yam up into thin pieces, then put the yam in a metal seive and suspended it over the quinoa so the yam would steam while the quinoa was cooking. One the quinoa had absorbed most of the water and the yams were softening, I heaped several handfuls of shredded red kale on top of the yams and put the lid back on, letting it all steam until the quinoa was ready and the kale wilted.

I spread a layer of quinoa on a plate, flipped the seive over top so the yams were layered on the kale on top of the quinoa, sprinkled everything with nutritional yeast, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, and doused it liberally with soy sauce (I'm all out of Braggs).

Verdict? Amaaaazing.

Somehow, quinoa, yams and kale have become a staple of this student's diet. I bless my school's coop, and their volunteer discount!
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