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Hey guys, just writing to tell you about Zatarain's mixes. I just discovered this stuff like a week ago, and was excited to try things like gumbo and jambalaya. I hadn't had either before! I made the jambalaya with imitation chicken strips, and it was so good I could live off of it.

Viva! USA has this to say about the mixes:

Zatarains produces many vegan Creole entrees and seasoning mixes. Don’t be fooled by the meaty name, they’re guaranteed vegan: Black-eyed Peas and Rice Mix, Black Beans and Rice Mix, Brown Rice Jambalaya Mix, Dirty Rice Mix, Dirty Brown Rice Mix, Red Beans and Rice Mix, Spanish Rice Mix, White Beans and Rice Mix, Red Bean Seasoning Mix, Creole Seasoning, Blackened Seasoning, Blackened Paste Mix, Jambalaya Pasta Mix, Red Beans Paste Mix, Jambalaya Mix, Vegetarian Jambalaya Entree (frozen).

*Some of these items may contain ‘ham flavor’. This flavoring does not contain any animal source ingredient.

Mmmmmm food. If anyone knows how to make stuff from scratch that tastes like this (particularily the black beans and rice!) I'd be eternally greatful for a recipe. :)
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