x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,


So I'm going to make Italian torrone nougat over holiday break, but seeing as I lucked out on an agave nectar discount and don't want to waste a crapload of it, I'm rethinking the recipe. Traditionally, the recipe is honey, stiff-beaten egg whites, almonds, flavoring, and wafer.

I know it's possible to mimic the egg whites with Ener-G or flaxseed goo, but seeing as that's pretty difficult and I don't want to waste all my agave nectar on a hit-or-miss recipe, I'm looking for new recipes. Ideally, it would be soft white nougat that includes honey and can accomodate having nuts folded into it, and doesn't require stiff-beaten egg replacer. I know Food Fight carries macadamia nut nougat right now, so it can be done, it just sounds a bit hard. Suggestions?
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