holly (insteepcliffs) wrote in vegancooking,

Mac & Cheese... 'american cheese' style.

I haven't quite crossed the line into veganism yet (only thing left is cheese, which I eat about once or twice a month). And, yesterday I had the most AMAZING mac & cheese (even though I was kindof sick afterwards... ergh) but the first thing I thought of is, "I NEED to be able to veganize this."
Yes, I already checked the memories, but I'm not sure if any of the recipes there are like the mac&cheese i'm referring to. This is the kind with the breadcrumbs on the top, its baked, and I think it'd made with american cheese, because its very white in color. I've had nutritional yeast mac before, and it did not taste anything like this one at all. So I was thinking... maybe cashews? I've heard of that kind...

So, umm, perhaps someone can just direct me as to which recipe to try out? and without nutrional yeast is possible, mostly 'cause I don't have any in the house right now.

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