खेचारि (lutin) wrote in vegancooking,

Pie Crust?

I'm going to Poland for the winter holidays to visit my dad. There are a number of vegan
substitutes available in Poland (eg, lots! of soya products), but I don't remember seeing
any vegan margarine. I would like to make pie, but I've only ever made crust with margarine.

So, can it be done without margarine? Are there any recipes that you know of that are nice
and that don't call for margarine?

I checked the memories, and there was talk of pie crust made from vegetable shortening,
but I don't know whether vegan shortening can be had in Poland, either. And though my
dad is a native speaker of Polish, he probably won't know whether the shortening's
ingredients are vegan or no (and wouldn't be able to translate them into English, since his
English is kind of rusty, and I don't know enough Polish for the ingredients list to mean
very much to me).
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