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Preacher cookie drama

Ooookies, I'm goin to need some advice about these suckers.

So, after reading a couple of the posts earlier about no bake type cookies, I decided to whip up a batch of no bakes myself. Now, allow me a bit of back story.

(begin backstory)
We have a fairly good dining program here at Virginia Tech, with one of the 'shops' in the all-you-can-force-into-your-stomach dining centers being vegan/veggie. One of the women who works there-Rose, bless her heart-would make no bake cookies on a semi regular basis which she labelled as 'Preacher Cookies'. My they were tasty. After moving off campus and not having a meal plan, I've been having intermittent wet dreams about these cookies. Now seemed like a good time as any to give it a shot, so shot I did (end backstory).

All right, with that out of the way, lets get down to what went wrong.
Here is the recipe -
I used soymilk and marg, as you can imagine.
Upon beginning the melting of my candy ingrediants, I found that my candy thermometer was broken (I bought a new one after getting off work this morning, bless you Walmart for being open at 3am for us overnight workers). I instead decided to use the 'soft ball' test to know when they were ready. However, after trying it over and over, I just kept on getting threads which eventually became more and more dense, but never actual balls. Could this be because I drizzled into the water rather than just plopping the test candy into the water?
Anyways, after saying, 'good enough', I added the rest of my ingrediants. Everything mixed up, wonderful, splendid, smells good, etc. I turned around to get my pan and to my dismay, guess what I found?
It was a solid mass of yumminess. Within about 10 seconds, the mixture had gone from slightly damp to a hard rock. It crumbled easily enough, but would not turn into any sort of cookie. However, I did not let this deter me. Those were some tasty preacher cookie disaster crumbles. Unfortuantly, what I wanted was not crumbles. It was cookies I was after.
So, heres where you come in (or not, you don't have to if you don't want, I mean, I'm goin to assume that vgnwtch will have some sort of wonderfully british tidbit of knowledge to pull out of her vast library of experience, but for the rest of you, I'll take whatever advice I can get, even words of encouragment, or how about a good luck on my cell physiology exam?):

First off, what went wrong on my 'soft ball' test. Secondly, why did my cookies skip that whole stage where they let me make them into cookie form?

Thanks for any help, and thanks for stopping by!
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