Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

So about these home fries.../honies? honeys?/oils

Would it be okay to bake up some home fries tonight, stick 'em in the fridge, and then reheat them in the oven tomorrow morning before school?
Or should I plan on getting up early(ier) tomorrow to make them?

Also, what is the difference between regular honey and things like wildflower honey and clover honey?
ALSO, today at Earthfare I went to pick up some EVOO and there were TONS of different oils! Walnut, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed! ETC! What are your favorite oils to a. bake with, b. cook in general with, c. sautee and fry with, d. etc etc etc? Right now I just use EVOO for EVERYTHING and while I love it, perhaps it makes things too heavy? I'm not sure. I've read that grapeseed oil is good for baking.
Tags: breakfast foods(uncategorized), oils
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