j.le (lenagogan) wrote in vegancooking,

Some coconut insight

1. Brownies. Whenever I make brownies with coconut milk, they turn out fabulous. They aren't mushy, they aren't cakey, they're like real brownies. The coconut milk weights down the brownies to keep them moist and dense.

2. A while back at an Asian market, I bought some coconut milk desserts, from the frozen food section. I think the pull was the little reusable dishes they came in, but when I originally ate it, I ate it frozen. Actually, they're supposed to be heated up, and when they are, they have an incredible similarity to creme brulee in regards to texture. Taste-wise they are also very similar, but at least for me, i think it's a little too sickly-sweet coconut. Anyways, I think they're made with coconut milk and rice flour. Does anyone know how to prepare this stuff? It is definitely worth vegan experimentation.
Tags: desserts-brownies, fruits-coconut milk
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