Modern Min (diarytypething) wrote in vegancooking,
Modern Min

Madeira cake?

Madeira cake was always something that we only ever got at Christmas when I was younger, and it's one of the foods which I've come to associate with this time of year. It's a bit like a richer, heavier type of white sponge cake, and according to wikipedia, similar to what is called a pound cake in some places, but I've never tried pound cake, so I couldn't say for certain. I've looked in the memories and tried googling for it, but with no luck and I'd be a bit nervous about finding a recipe (such as this one) and substituting the eggs for egg replacer because whenever I've tried that before, anything bigger than a fairy cake has fallen to bits. So does anyone have a good recipe for madeira/pound cake, or any tips on how to veganize and existing recipe?
Tags: desserts-cakes, substitutes-eggs-for cakes
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