Rachel (jenandberry) wrote in vegancooking,

Using egg replacer

Hi everyone, i wonder if someone with more experiance of using egg replacer (the kind you buy in a packet, i think mine is called 'no egg') could tell me if you have to mix the egg replacer with water then add to the recipe - particularly cake and biscuit recipes, or if just mixing the 'egg' powder with the dry ingredients and adding some extra liquid to the wet ingrediants would work? I would try it out but i don't have time as its for a gift in a jar type thing. Thanks

Edit: Thanks everyone, its for biscuits or brownies so i think it will be fine. If it doesn't work i'll blame my friend's cooking as i'm making cookies in a jar gift for him because he admits he's useless at cooking lol! The one time he invited me round for dinner and said he'd cook his girlfriend did everything :o)
Tags: substitutes-eggs-for cookies
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