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flour? woes from a cooking newb

Ok so after much testing (read: cooking disasters) I'm starting to wonder if the flour that I'm using is causing all of my baked goods to be sooOOoo heavy. Frankly, I get a stomach ache everytime after I eat cookies and desserts and breads I've made - the one thing I've found that they all have in common is flour. I've been avoiding white flour like the plague and on a friend's recommendation I've been using King Arthur Flour - white whole wheat. I was tired of everything being as heavy as bricks so tonight I cut the latest batch with 1/3 whole grain pastry flour (arrowhead mills). This only caused misfortune to my cookies however.. I can't tell if they're 'lighter' or not, but they've puffed up so terribly and the texture has entirely changed. Next time I try to veganize/healthify a recipe I'll definitely come here first!

Anyway, what do you all use for flour? There was one post about this in the FAQ but alas, I didn't quite grok what they were talking about.

I was going to bake my family cookies for the holidays! Arg.
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