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Yesterday for the first time ever my mom and I made delicious, delicious sushi!

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You Need...

*package of nori (the one we got had 10 sheets of it that were precut)
*package of sushi rice
*a few handfuls of sesame seeds
*a pinch of salt and sugar/sugar in the raw to taste


*1/2 avocado
*1 zucchini
*1 carrot
*a large chunk of pickled radish (as you can see in the picture, this thing was huge!)

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Prepare rice according to package directions. I assume that you can use regular rice as well, but the rice that came from the package was a lot stickier than regular rice is. Once it's done, put in a bit of salt, sugar, and vinegar (makes it taste yummy and makes it stickier).

Toast the sesame seeds for a couple of minutes.

Cut the vegetables into long strips like this.

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To Roll...

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We used a bamboo mat that we found at an Asian grocery store. My mom didn't actually need one and used a sheet of wax paper instead to help her with the rolling.

1. Spread a layer of rice over the nori. It's a bit hard to judge how much rice to use at first (our first attempt was very humourous) so make it thin to be safe. We wet our hands and pressed down lightly on the rice to make it even.

2. Take a few tablespoons of sesame seeds and spread it over the rice.

3. Put the fillings on top. This is probably easiest to explain by using a picture.

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4. Roll, using your fingers to keep the filling in place and the mat to help maintain the shape. The rice and nogai will stick to itself so it will stay closed.

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5. You'll now have a roll of sushi that you can cut like this :)

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Tada! Serve with ginger, soysauce, and wasabi (be careful with the wasabi though, I had to buy it in powder form because it had lactose otherwise).

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