Babydoll (voicetrocity) wrote in vegancooking,

Quick Pasta!

I'm sure some of you all have had the experience of taking a recipe you
remember from your childhood, making it and being really pleased with
the results.

Well, I just wanted to share that happened to me tonight with my mom's
"Quick Pasta" recipe. When I was young my mom had her hands full with
three children who were ALWAYS hungry and too prevent ear damage from so
many "When's dinner" questions she would throw this together for us as
least once a week. Mama's hints are in italics

1 LB pasta of your choice
Always had spaghetti @ mom's, Dad preferred rotini. Always put water
on for the pasta before anything else, since it's what takes the
longest to cook. I always add a little bit of salt to the water as well

1- Large can of whole tomatoes drained and separated with your
make sure you drain them, as the sauce will be way too watery if you
don't. Also make sure you remove the stem ends

1/2-cup Olive oil
1 handful parsley
My mom always put in 2 cloves
2 pinches of salt

Put all sauce ingredients in a pan, cook on whichever heat you feel
like (about 5 minutes on medium-high heat) Mix with the pasta and you have
dinner in about 15 minutes!
Tags: quick-meals
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