x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

Lighter Bake

The grocery store didn't have any vegan margarine, so it was a pleasant surprise to stumble across jars of Lighter Bake, as I've been meaning to try it lately anyway. It says on the back that it subs in just fine, and at half the amount of what's usually needed, for margarine and oil in even chewy, soft recipes.

I want to make some chocolate chip cookies for my SO's mom while I'm visiting, and I don't want them to totally suck. (I make the Silk recipe with EB or Soy Garden at least twice a month and they're always awesome that way.) Lighter Bake is made from fruit puree and reminded me somewhat of applesauce, maybe a bit thicker and less grainy. Is it just like applesauce in baking, in terms of fat replacement, or is it better? Can you taste it in the final result?
Tags: substitutes-oil replacers
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