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Vegan Cooking lessons by Q

Tonight I'm going to big sis's house to teach her healthy cooking.
She's a foster mom.
Under her care are 3 children under the age of 7, (one is a toddler) a 13 year old boy (my nephew), and an 11 year old girl (my niece).
She also has 3 cats and a rottweiler. or however you spell that. During the day she has a few more because she babysits a couple of kids. She normally fixes easy stuff like hot dogs and shells and cheese. Ick.
She needs something easy and probably fast with not a lot of ingredients because she's really busy. It's hard to keep the house clean with that many kids and animals. I was thinking along the lines of stirfry with tofu. but what other recipes could I use that are healthy, easy and fast??
Tags: -children in the kitchen, -kid approved meals, easy-recipes, quick-meals
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