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spinach casserole and friends; side dish help!

I plan on making this for dinner tonight (adding garlic, of course- how could they forget?!). I'll probably serve it with garlic bread, but what's a sweet side item that would go well with these flavors? I thought of baked apples, but probably just because I like them so much.

I sometimes find that I have trouble pairing entrees and sides. I'd like to make more full meals! what are your favorite combinations?

edit: it turned out beautifully- the cheeze melted okay and it smells great. I placed two portobello slices on top as a garnish (and because I lovelovelove them) before topping the casserole with the remaining cheeze and baking for another ten minutes. I'm serving it with garlic bread, fresh asparagus sauteed with olive oil and italian seasoning, and baked apples with margarine and cinnamon. yum! I wish I had my camera here!
Tags: ethnic food-italian, greens-spinach, main dishes-casseroles, side dishes
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