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Vegan Ceasar Salad and Lemon Tofu w/ Broccoli

Kinda-Ceasar Salad Kinda-Ceasar Salad

The dressing was a take on The Vegan Vittles Ceasar dressing. Something like:
prepared mustard, soy sauce, nut. yeast (which I used kelp powder instead) and some rice milk instead of water. It tasted great.
The tofu was pan fried with braggs until cruncy.
Tofu crutons were made the same was as the tofu strips but more spices were added: basil, garlic, onion and pepper.

I hate being a vegan who loves salad as much as I do. Then I go and throw tofu on it just to keep the stereo-type up.
Lemon Tofu and Broccoli Lemon Tofu and Broccoli

1 block frozen tofu, thawed and drained (you can use non-frozen tofu if you don't like the texture of frozen tofu. You'll just need to marinade the tofu longer.)
2 lemons
a bit chilli paste
1 Tbl. braggs/soy sauce
(I'd also suggest adding some sugar or agave to the mixture.)

lemon zest

1 head of brocolli
seasme seeds

Mix the juice of two lemons, braggs and chilli paste in a dish. Put the sliced (frozen then thawed) tofu in the lemon juice pan, making sure to coat both side of the tofu with the liquid.
Chop the brocolli.
Mix the flour, zest of one lemon and pepper in seperate pan.
Put a pan on the stove to high heat. When hot add the tofu and cook until dark brown on both sides.
When the tofu is done put on a plate. Add oil to the pan and reduce to medium heat.
Steam the brocoli.
Coat tofu in lemon marinade again, the coat in flour mixture. (you can also make a batter mixture with the remaining lemon marinade and flour mixture if you're frying these in a deep fryer.) Return to frying pan and cook until golden brown on both sides.
Once done cooking, chop and put in a bowl with the brocoli, sprinkle with seasme seeds and braggs, mix and serve.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Maybe that's because I actually typed out all that I did while making this.

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