the sand and the sea (cloudshapes) wrote in vegancooking,
the sand and the sea

substitutions in bread machine recipes

I've checked the memories and did find some great posts with vegan bread machine recipes, but I'd like some tips on converting non-vegan bread machine recipes to vegan. I'm new to bread making and just received a machine as a gift, and don't have a whole lot of experience with baking in general or vegan baking substitutes.

So, when it calls for liquid milk, can any nut/grain milk be substituted? I try to avoid soy if at all possible. Any experience on which milks work better? What about powdered milk, especially if say I want to set the timer to start later in the day? What would I substitute?

I can easily find guidelines for egg substitutions, but do the same rules apply when using a bread machine?

Any other tips? Thanks so much in advance!
Tags: breads-breadmaker recipes
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