x (quatre_vingts) wrote in vegancooking,

Italian rainbow/tricolor cookies and cake

Somebody some months ago posted asking about Italian rainbow cookies and how to veganize them. My mom magically found a recipe that didn't involve doing various complicated things with egg yolks and egg whites, and they converted quite easily.

Not content to stop there, I decided to take the yummy, moist, almondy, cakey layers and actually make a cake with them. It's a tricolor torte, in homage to the cookies, but instead of the traditional apricot jam, I subbed in black cherry, as you can never go wrong with almond and cherry together. And even better is chocolate ganache on top! OMNOMNOMNOMNOMClicking the photo takes you to my instructions for making the torte, and beneath that, a quick explanation of how to make vegan versions of the actual cookies as inspired by the linked recipe.

(Why yes, yet another Italian recipe from ol' q_v. How did you guess? :P)
Tags: desserts-cakes, desserts-cookies/biscuits, ethnic food-italian
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