j.le (lenagogan) wrote in vegancooking,

Dear old roommate

My roommate is a crazy carnivore. Well, technically omnivore, but you know. He eats large servings of meat as a bedtime snack. Last night was veal parmesan (!!!). Anyways. I was throwing out all these gross hamburger helpers (that he swears are from the roommate before me) that were at least a year expired in many cases and came across this big container of freeze-dried instant mashed potatoes. It's a full container of crazy potato flakes and I couldn't find an expiration date. To be honest--the "morbid" side of me is intrigued. I want to use these potato flakes, but aside from mashed potatoes, all I can come up with is avant garde food sculpture (seriously). Any suggestions? I've got a lot of this stuff and he will never miss it.
Tags: -convenience foods/packaged foods, vegetables-potatoes
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