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Coconuts and young coconuts

I bought a coconut today and, though it was surprisingly yummy, it was hellacious trying to get all the meat out of it. After draining it via a hole "chiselled" with a screwdriver and hammer, I had to whack it like crazy to get it to crack, and then it was very difficult to separate the meat from the shell. The sticker on the wrapper said you just had to peel the final brown skin off with a veggie peeler, but that didn't work too well. In general, I made quite a mess. Are there any easier ways to get the most out of a coconut?

And how does a young coconut work? It looks sort of like a little hut to me. Is that the husk at the earlier stage? How does a young coconut compare to a regular one in flavor and texture?

What are your favorite easy recipes with coconut? No savory dishes/curries, please; I'm looking for smoothies, drinks, healthy snacks...simple things that involve coconut + spices/fruits/veggies and preferably little to no cooking.
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