in beats we trust (missruckus) wrote in vegancooking,
in beats we trust

mold weirdness in fridge.

i moved to a new place a few months ago and have been noticing that my fruit and veggies grow mold faster than at my old place, or any other time in the past. is there a reason for this? it's a new fridge, and the temperature is cold enough, and i keep the produce in the crisper. i pulled out the eggplant that i bought on friday and it was growing mold. before, it would be able to keep well over a week. there was also mold on the top of the bulbous part of the lemongrass that i bought about a week ago (normally, lemongrass lasts forever).

any ideas what's going on?
Tags: -appliances-fridges, -shelf-life of foods
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