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I bought some frozen shelled edamame and prepared a cup of it according to the directions (boil for three minutes and let sit for two). I then sprinkled them with sea salt and freshly-ground pepper, just like everyone says you should do it. I was expecting something fantastic, but I thought they tasted a bit icky. They seemed... ah... not exactly crunchy, but kind of hard and unpleasantly textured. Did I fail to cook them long enough, or is that just how they are? Do the un-shelled kind cook up better? Should I add more spices? (???!?!!!?) They also made my stomach feel gross, but that could be all in my brain. Anyhow, I found the recipe for the edamame hummus that was posted here a few weeks ago and I was thinking about trying that. I'd love some other input, though. What do I doooooooo?

Thanks in advance for all of your wonderful suggestions (that I know you're going to come up with. eventually.)! Maybe I should post here more often than once every two years.
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